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Tinka [TasH] AdmintagWorld Linking 4/28/2017

7. World Linking 28 April

- Abaddon’s Mouth [DE], Miller’s Sound [DE]
- Arborstone [FR], Fort Ranik [FR], Jade Sea [FR]
- Augury Rock [FR], Vizunah Square [FR]
- Ring of Fire, Aurora Glade
- Baruch Bay [SP]
- Seafarer’s Rest, Blacktide
- Desolation
- Drakkar Lake [DE], Dzagonur [DE]
- Elona Reach [DE]
- Far Shiverpeaks, Fissure of Woe
- Gandara, Underworld
- Kodash [DE]
- Piken Square, Whiteside Ridge
- Riverside [DE]
- Gunnar’s Hold, Ruins of Surmia, Vabbi
DaVolpe tag  a blob server again... why.....
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Jepp and Qs. I wanna back our WSR server :-(
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagAnd one more spam :p

Legendary Armor is Coming Soon!
Legendary Armor is Coming Soon! -
Hi, I'm Paul Ella, producer for Guild Wars 2 raids, and today I am happy to reveal the launch of legendary armor. When we started creating raids, our aim was to produce complex end...
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagFlashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living World Season 3, arrives on May 2! Watch the teaser trailer below, and see the truth reflected.
Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3 Episode 5: Flashpoint Tra...
Flashpoint, the fifth and penultimate episode of Living Worl...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag  The Link: [link]
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagWvW in Europe will be down for maintenance for roughly 20-40 minutes on 2017-04-21 starting at 03:00 UTC/ 5:00am CEST. There will be in-game announcements before and after the maintenance.
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagDear WSR peeps <3

I whish you all a very nice eastern :)
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Hey That Was Easy [CURE] tag  Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you tooooooo ;)
DaVolpe tag  Thanks Tinka! You too :d
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