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Tinka [TasH] AdmintagGame Update Notes - June 20, 2017

World vs. World

- Simple nameplates for enemies have been changed to triangles instead of circles, making it easier to distinguish between enemies and allies.
- The Loyalty pip has been renamed to the Commitment pip. The Commitment pip is obtained by completing wood division the previous week.

- 1 up / 1 down matchmaking:
Starting this Friday at reset, WvW will begin doing 1 up / 1 down matchmaking. This means a single, third-placing world will move down one tier and a single, first-placing world will move up one tier. If there is a tie for last, no world moves down, which also means no world in the tier below can move up (as there’s no room). Similarly, if there is a tie for first, no world moves up, which prevents the next tier up’s last-place world from moving down. If there is a change in which worlds are being used for matchmaking purposes (such as when world links change), matchmaking falls back on the usual Glicko rating sort (plus a potential deviation-based shuffle). Even while 1 up / 1 down is active, Glicko data will continue to be updated as it has been when each week’s round ends. This way it is always current when it needs to be relied upon.
This is a new test to try to improve how quickly worlds can move into their proper place.
We can revert back to Glicko if it is determined that the new matchup style is more harmful than helpful.
Guild Wars 2
06/20/2017 - June 20th Release Notes Fractals Miscellaneous Fixed a bug in which player pets, clones, and minions would scale their stats based on the fractal scale. Profession Ski...
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  let´s hope1u/1d is better as old :d
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagGame Update Notes - June 6, 2017 -WvW & PvP
Guild Wars 2
06/06/2017 - June 6th Release Notes World vs. World As part of the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack, updates to World vs. World will include improved LFG, new rewards, skirmishin...
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# AdmintagWvW tournament rewards are coming back, hell yeah. This sounds really cool, I hope it works out as good as it sounds. :)
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Yeah, I can imagine this will have caught the eye of many old WvW players.
Tomelyr tagtag  And ofcourse, many new players. Maybe we should do some beginner training sessions, so the new players are taken care off, instead of unleashing them to the WvW and finding only death. I'll start making an draft tommorow with forum post to it.
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  good idea Tom, but "workshop" sounds better for me ;)
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagIf you love testing your mettle against your fellow players, June is your month to shine! In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing updates to structured Player vs. Player and World vs. World, along with the start of PvP League Season 7.

World vs. World—June 6

Updates to World vs. World will include improved LFG, new rewards, and skirmishing updates! We’re making sure skirmishing in WvW is fun and rewarding with an updated UI and new rewards. Keep an eye on the blog and release highlights in the next few days for more information.
Get Ready for the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack! - Guil...
The month of June is all about World vs. World and PvP.
Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Okay, this could be interesting.
Hey That Was Easy [CURE] tagSome cool duels against Cast and Bravo from CURE
GW2 CURE TRAINING DUELS Some epic duels against Cast and Bra...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Thx so much :) I love your vids .. aw :thumb:
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