DaVolpe [SM][TT] tagtag  added 14 Advanced days to Whiteside Ridge
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Hey That Was Easy [CURE] tagheyyyyyyyy wsrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
GW2 | TRAILER WvW Roaming - Im back ;)
Hey guys ! Well ...! i was pretty inactiv these months on gw...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Thx god u are back <3 I missed your vids
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagLiving World Season 4 Continues Next Week

Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4 Episode 2 A Bug in the Sy...
The second episode of Living World Season 4, "A Bug in the S...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag12. World Linking 23 Febrary
- Desolation (EN), Whiteside Ridge (EN)
- Seafarer’s Rest (EN), Ruins of Surmia (EN)
- Drakkar Lake (DE), Miller’s Sound (DE)
- Abbadon’s Mouth (DE), Dzagonur (DE)
- Gandara (EN), Fissure of Woe (EN)
- Far Shiverpeaks (EN), Ring of Fire (EN)
- Piken Square (EN), Blacktide (EN)
- Vabbi (EN), Aurora Glade (EN)
- Gunnar’s Hold (EN), Underworld (EN)
- Jade Sea (FR), Arborstone (FR)
- Augury Rock (FR), Vizunah Square (FR)
- Baruch Bay (ES)
- Kodash (DE)
- Riverside (DE)
- Elona Reach (DE)
World Linking 2/23/2018
Worlds have been re-linked. Here are the worlds for EU:
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  one link is wrong, here the right one:
- Jade Sea (FR), Arborstone (FR), Fort Ranik (FR)
Archuell [EVO] tag******
Archi Airborne | The Relentless Weaver | Guild wars 2 Outnum...
DISCLAMER*** I do not own any of the music that are used in ...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Archi, and we German could finally see the video :d
moth tag  Not only did you bring a stun-break, but actually used it!
Archuell [EVO] tag  Ye i thought it was about time i had one of those!
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