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Tinka [TasH] Admintag“One Path Ends”—the sixth and final episode of Living World Season 3—arrives on July 25. Watch the teaser trailer below!
Watch the Trailer for "One Path Ends" -
The Living World Season 3 finale is almost here!
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Not going to lie, seems pretty exciting. :)
DaVolpe [TasH] tagWvW - 1 up 1 down system bug

A bug potentially affecting the last tier during 1-up/1-down matchmaking has been found, and a fix has been submitted. Until that fix can make it to the live game, we’re returning to the previous style of Glicko sort-and-shuffle. The change will first be noticed with this Friday’s reset.
1 up 1 down will return once the bug fix makes it to live.
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Ohh :o thx thor the info!
Tinka [TasH] Admintag7/11/2017 – Late Notes

World vs. World - General

- Queue numbers will now display for all maps, including the one you are currently in.
- A team-colored check mark will display next to the map you are currently in.
- Commander pip has been adjusted so that you will only earn the pip if the players in your squad are in WvW.
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Nice few changes there too. Always nice.
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagGame Update Notes - July 11, 2017

Outnumbered is now applied each scoring tick (every 5 minutes). Swapping to a map right before a tick will no longer grant an Outnumbered pip bonus. Instead, you must play on an - Outnumbered map for an entire tick to earn the bonus.
Consume All now works for Badges of Honor.

- The Skirmish Chest now opens a vendor window instead of an item-selection window. This will allow multiple items to be selected from the chest.

- Participation decay timers have been adjusted so that players must be more active to keep participation from decaying.

- Three new commander icon colors have been added: cyan, magenta, and white.
Guild Wars 2
07/11/2017 - July 11th Release Notes General Significantly increased the chance that Bloodstone-Warped Hides may be salvaged into Hardened Leather. Fixed an issue in which some of ...
Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Oh damn more colours. Now that I am excited about :d
Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Vig, the new colors are good girl colors :d the cyan/magenta fit my Tinka very well .. hahaha
Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Oh XD Fair enough. Honestly mostly interested in the white one.
Tinka [TasH] AdmintagMcKenna Berdrow wrote somthing about Changes to how the outnumbered bonus is acquired is coming in the next release
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