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Sgt Pun tagtag
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Nice fights and music. That line of bubbles though XD
NoBoomBoomPls   not bad but can you put a rowntrees fruit pastelle in your mouth without chewing it?
Archuell [EVO] tagbeen a while since i did a montage
GW2- Archi the Weaver- Outnumbered WvW Roaming
DISCLAMER*** I do not own any of the music that are used in ...
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Vigrid of Asgaror [TasH]*# Admintag  Nice work there Arch, doing us proud :)
moth tag  I was hoping there would be a third-time-lucky blink stomp :p
Agnofinitra tag
Whiteside Ridge vs Riverside & Gandara
Playing on WSR? Come join us:
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag
API downtime Oct 30-Nov 1.
We're doing some hardware maintenance and the GW2 APIs will be down from 3PM PST Oct 30th to 7PM PST Nov 1st.
Agnofinitra tagNot the MU some of us were hoping for but we're still having fun and lootbags! :d
Whiteside Ridge Open Raid on Relink with Doc [Gang]
WSR community making the best out of a shitty relink... Play...
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Tinka [TasH] Admintag  Nice video and great fight!! :d

The linking isnt shit, I like many RoF peeps. For me is a shit linking T1 or FsP with only blob fights and Qs ;)

But that's my opinion :)
Hey That Was Easy [CURE] tag  good vid :)
Agnofinitra tag  yeah a lot of good peeps there, made an alt specificly for Drunken Raid Night to play wth them and always had fun ^^
Next vids i'll choose my words a bit more carefuly i guess... (my bad)
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